Monday, February 9, 2009

Defending against XSS attacks in Freemarker

While Freemarker is quite rich in features, it seems to lack support for programmatically declaring HTML-escaping the default behavior for property access. You need to either add a ?html to every access or wrap every single template into this:

<#escape x as x?html>
... your template code ...

This really has to be done on every file, including those being included such as macro definitions.

Both approaches rely on people remembering to do the right thing, and I don't trust anyone that much, particularly not myself. So instead I decided to add this bit of wrapper code programmatically in the code that loads the template. I took the idea from a posting on the freemarker-user mailing list. Instead of using the normal ClassTemplateLoader, I now do this:

final TemplateLoader templateLoader = new ClassTemplateLoader(this.getClass(), templatePath){
public Reader getReader(Object templateSource, String encoding) throws IOException {
return new WrappingReader(super.getReader(templateSource, encoding), "<#escape x as x?html>", "");

This uses the following class:

package domain.your.util;

import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.Logger;

public class WrappingReader extends Reader {

private final Reader originalReader;
private final char[] prologue;
private final char[] epilogue;
private int pos = 0;
private int firstEpilogueChar = -1;
private boolean closed = false;

public WrappingReader(Reader originalReader, char[] prologue, char[] epilogue, Object lock) {
this.originalReader = originalReader;
this.prologue = prologue;
this.epilogue = epilogue;

public WrappingReader(Reader originalReader, char[] prologue, char[] epilogue) {
this.originalReader = originalReader;
this.prologue = prologue;
this.epilogue = epilogue;

public WrappingReader(Reader originalReader, String prologue, String epilogue, Object lock) {
this.originalReader = originalReader;
this.prologue = prologue.toCharArray();
this.epilogue = epilogue.toCharArray();

public WrappingReader(Reader originalReader, String prologue, String epilogue) {
this.originalReader = originalReader;
this.prologue = prologue.toCharArray();
this.epilogue = epilogue.toCharArray();

public int read(char[] cbuf, int off, int len) throws IOException {
if (closed) {
throw new IOException("Reader has been closed already");
int oldPos = pos;
Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE, String.format("Reading %d characters from position %d", len, pos));
if (pos < this.prologue.length) {
final int toCopy = Math.min(this.prologue.length - pos, len);
Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE, String.format("Copying %d characters from prologue", toCopy));
System.arraycopy(this.prologue, pos, cbuf, off, toCopy);
pos += toCopy;
if (toCopy == len) {
Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE, "Copied from prologue only");
return len;
if (firstEpilogueChar == -1) {
final int copiedSoFar = pos - oldPos;
final int read =, off + copiedSoFar, len - copiedSoFar);
Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE, String.format("Got %d characters from delegate", read));
if (read != -1) {
pos += read;
if (pos - oldPos == len) {
Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE, "We do not reach epilogue");
return len;
firstEpilogueChar = pos;
final int copiedSoFar = pos - oldPos;
final int epiloguePos = pos - firstEpilogueChar;
final int toCopy = Math.min(this.epilogue.length - epiloguePos, len - copiedSoFar);
if((toCopy <= 0) && (copiedSoFar == 0)) {
return -1;
Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE, String.format("Copying %d characters from epilogue", toCopy));
System.arraycopy(this.epilogue, epiloguePos, cbuf, off + copiedSoFar, toCopy);
pos += toCopy;
Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE, String.format("Copied %d characters, now at position %d", pos-oldPos, pos));
return pos - oldPos;

public void close() throws IOException {
closed = true;

Note that this means that in some cases you might need to escape the escaping, which Freemarker allows with the <#noescape> directive. You also can't use template configuration via the <#ftl> directive anymore, since that would need to be before the <#escape>. Since I never felt the urge to use it, I don't care.


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